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The Ringwood Ballet Group is a not for profit school, therefore we do not seek to raise revenue as such, but aim to allow for a fair rate so there is a benefit to all families especially when children are enrolled in multiple classes.


Fees are charged four times a year following the Victorian school terms and are payable in advance at the start of each term, without exception. Outlined below is the invoicing and fee schedule.






Term 1 - Invoiced and payable upon enrolment

Term 2 - Invoiced in week 8 of term 1 and payable by end of term 1

Term 3 - Invoiced in week 8 of term 2 and payable by end of term 2

Term 4 - Invoiced in week 8 of term 3 and payable by end of term 3

*Other charges, e.g. exam levies will be charged separately from term fees.


All fees quoted are GST inclusive.

As a not for profit school, we need to raise funds to ensure that our facilities are maintained and operate in a safe and fit manner. Therefore we also charge a working bee levy to all families of $60, which is split evenly over the 4 terms, with the Administration fee. The $60 levy is reimbursed to all families that provide 4 or more hours of assistance throughout the year in Working Bees, sausage sizzles, exam helpers, backstage helpers, committee representative or other task. This fee is then reimbursed the following term.


Paying your Account

We have facilities for payment of fees by credit card and EFTPOS (Visa or Mastercard only). All invoices can also be paid via direct deposit into the Ringwood Ballet Group bank account, details of which are on each invoice. Please ensure that your surname and invoice number is included in the reference section when paying online. Payment by cash and cheque will also be accepted at the Studio Offices if exact payment is provided. We do not keep cash on the premises so no change can be given.

If you have any queries regarding payment of fees, please feel free to speak to the Treasurer in person, by phone or email. Please do not approach the teachers in regard to any of these issues as they are not responsible for the Ballet Group's financial matters. Financial matters are dealt with by the Committee of Management therefore any queries must be referred to a Committee member.

Enrolments during Term

If a new student enrols during a term or an existing student wishes to take up a new class during the term, the fee will be calculated on the additional class fee, pro-rata, on the basis of a 10 week term.

No new enrolments will be taken after week 3 of Term 3, except with the express approval of the Artistic Director where the student is able to enrol into a technique class. No students will be taken into classes that become concert classes.


CareMonkey is the administrative system we currently use as to store all student information, and distribute important notices regarding exams, concert times, etc. There is a lot of information which goes to families which require responses back, especially around exam, presentation and concert time. We have found over the years that many forms get lost, forgotten, or just not returned. The aim of the CareMonkey system is to assist us create individual forms for classes, allows for parent responses electronically, so information cannot get lost in bags or on change room floors, and sends out reminders automatically, saving staff and committee a lot of time. Families will be given information regarding setting up their CareMonkey profile upon enrolment at Ringwood Ballet.

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