Timetable and Dates



SATURDAY 1ST                                     Enrolment Day 2020

MONDAY 3rd                                         Start of Term 1


MONDAY 9th                                         Labour Day – NO CLASSES

WEDNESDAY 18TH                               AGM   

MON 23RD – SAT 28TH                        Open Week

SATURDAY 28TH                                   End of term 1


TUESDAY 14TH                                     Start of Term 2

SATURDAY 25TH                                  Anzac Day – NO CLASSES

SUNDAY 26TH                                      SFD Combined Concert (Classes performing TBA)

TUESDAY 28TH                                     Exam Entries Close                 


SUNDAY 17TH                                       SFD Classical Masterclasses

SUNDAY 24th                                        SFD Jazz Masterclasses

SUNDAY 31ST                                       SFD Tap Masterclasses


MONDAY 8TH                                        Queens Birthday – REDUCED TIMETABLE

SUNDAY 21ST                                       Comp Dress Rehearsal

MON 22ND – SAT 27TH                        Open Week

SATURDAY 27TH                                   SFD Scholarship Technical Classes

SAT 27TH – FRI 3RD (JULY)                 SFD Competitions


SAT 4TH – SUN 5TH                               Higher Grades Exam Prep Classes (Compulsory for exam candidates)

TUES 7TH – WED 8TH – THURS 9TH   Exam Preparation Classes (Compulsory for exam candidates)

FRI 10TH – SAT 11TH – SUN 12TH      Mock Exams – Classical (Compulsory for exam candidates)

MONDAY 13TH                                        Start of Term 3

SUNDAY 19TH                                        Exam Session Commences                             


SUNDAY 2ND                                        Exam Session Ends

SATURDAY 8TH                                     Senior Ballet Audition


SATURDAY 5TH                                     Presentation Day/Evening      

SATURDAY 19Th                                   End of Term 3

SUNDAY 20TH  - TBA                            Southern Dance Festival Starts


MONDAY 5TH                                         Start of Term 4

SUNDAY 11TH                                        SFD Choreographic Competition                     


MONDAY 2ND                                        Cup Day – NO CLASSES

SUNDAY 8TH                                          Concert Tickets go on Sale

SATURDAY 14Th                                    Last day of ALL Saturday classes        

SUNDAY 15TH                                       Senior Ballet Combined Rehearsal*     

FRIDAY 20TH                                         Last day of ALL regular weekday classes

SAT 21ST – SUN 22ND                         Senior Ballet Combined Rehearsals*

MONDAY 23RD                                      Junior Ballet Combined Rehearsal*

WEDNESDAY 25TH                               Junior Ballet Combined Rehearsal*      

SAT 28TH  - SUN 29TH                        Senior Ballet Combined Rehearsals*

MONDAY 30th                                       Junior Ballet Combined Rehearsals*    


WEDNESDAY 2ND                                 Junior Ballet Combined Rehearsals*

SATURDAY 5TH                                     Senior Ballet Combined Rehearsal*

SUNDAY 6TH                                        Full Dress Rehearsal – Community Centre**

TUESDAY 8TH                                       Full Dress/Technical Rehearsal - Junior Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary etc.**

WEDNESDAY 9TH                                 Full Dress/Technical Rehearsal – Feature Ballet**

THURSDAY 10TH                                   11am Matinee – Feature Ballet Only

THURSDAY 10TH                                   7pm Performance

FRIDAY 11th                                           7pm Performance                               

SATURDAY 12th                                    12.30pm Performance                                     

SATURDAY 12th                                    7pm Performance

*These rehearsals replace regular classes in these weeks.

**These rehearsals are COMPULSORY. Failure to attend will result in being withdrawn from the production.

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